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Harini Aqua Farm

       Harini Aqua Farm is a five year old aquatic retail store set up by M.Adhiviswanathan at Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu. Harini Aqua Farm specializes in providing different types of aquarium, aquarium accessories, superior quality indigenous and exotic freshwater ornamental fishes, Aqua Feeds, Love Birds & Pet Animals. With a modest beginning as a hobbyist in year 2007, today our retail outlet covers an area of 1000 sq.ft in a fast growing business centre that accommodates wide range of ornamental fishes, aquaria, aquarium accessories, fish feeds, medicines etc. We are a dedicated team of highly qualified technical personals. We specialize in developing designers aquaria as per the demand and requirement of our clients and believe in developing a BIOLOGICLLAY BALANCED AQUATIC ECOSYSTEM and not simply a glass tank to house your fish. It is not only the beauty of the fish alone but the set up of the aquarium in totality that makes it attractive and beautiful.

Our Focus


       Harini Aqua Farm promises a colourful and diverse aquarium display in your home or office that will provide hours of pleasure and beauty. We also guarantee peace of mind. We take care of everything! All you do is feed your fish and enjoy the natural view. We offer different type of aquariums which will help you to forget all tribulations make free from constant worry you and your family forever.

Harini Aqua Farm will deliver and install your fish tank and equipment, stock the aquarium with the fish package, plants, Toys, and other creatures of your choice, and provide full maintenance on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Ornamental Fishes

We have a wide range of ornamental fishes, that our customers find easy to choose their desiered one's.Our fishes include.

  • Cichlids
  • Angel Fishes
  • Discuss Fishes
  • Vasthu Fishes
  • Tetra Fishes
  • Fighter Fishes
  • Gold Fish
  • Cat Fish
  • Etc..,

Acessories & Services

We provide all Aquarium Accessories required to fulfil all needs for an complete aquarium setup.

  • Artificial Plants
  • Magnetic Cleaner
  • Heater/Chiller
  • Aqua Feeds
  • Toys/Stones
  • Filters
  • Skimmer
  • Lights
  • Nets
  • Etc..,